DME Accreditation and Durable Medical Equipment License

     A Durable Medical Equipment License, sometimes abbreviated as DME License, is vital to any aspiring medical professional, and Elite Accreditation is the best company to go to for a DME Accreditation consultation.

Durable medical equipment includes all sorts of medical supplies, from hospital beds, electric wheelchairs, & lift chairs. DME Supplies are a broad category, and attempting to ascertain reimbursement from Medicare without the proper state license and accreditation will be the company's demise.  There are individual states that do not require a license; some states do and also include more strict guidelines through state regulations as far as who can and cannot own a license for DME.  

If you want your business to be able to make the most of the Private Insurance, Medicare, MediCal | Medicaid, and Cash Payer types, then Elite Accreditation's DME accreditation consultation is imperative for you to retain.  We have helped hundreds of newly started companies save hundreds of thousands of dollars in preventing them from making mistakes of others and giving them the confidence needed to start up a new DME Company successfully.

Accreditation and Licensing is a requirement for Medicare, MediCal | Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Even Cash Paying Patients.  Medicare Requires it; Private Insurances are following their lead.  Act Today to Ensure your Vitality in this very competitive market.

    Center for Medicare and Medicaid wrote into federal regulations around twenty years ago that all DME Companies that expect to receive reimbursement must have the Medicare Deem Status that gives them the "Accredited Status."  As should be supposed, durable medical equipment is also intended to be sustainable, to withstand multiple uses and to be used by various patients. A proper durable medical equipment license will enable you to use the best medical products out there legally.  Having skilled & trained staff, orientation trained on the facility and business with facility quality improvement initiatives are just some of the ways that Medicare Standards in Regulations are written to enforce integrity filled DME Company.  The amount of fraudulent activity in this sector of healthcare business has been absurd and gross in the years past.  The government has taken much time and resources to build systems into place that go to prevent this from recurring in the future years.  So it is imperative that you and your business are set up to enforce internal policies that go great lengths to protect you and your staff from wrongful incrimination against overbilling, upcoding, and not have the medical necessity from the physician that goes to justify the DME product ordered.

Thanks to our customer base of over 450 clients already served, we have streamlined this process of obtaining the necessary licenses and accreditation.  We have mastered this process to understand what has to be done and when it must be done not just for our home base of California, but for the entire 50 US States and Regions.  Thanks to the accreditation consultants at Elite Accreditation,  it is no problem for us to obtain your DME accreditation or DME license for your business and to get you on the right path to success.

Our staff is prepared to offer you one of two packages to get your DME business up and operational:  

Package A is a full-service package whereby we come to you to your site and implement the executable items necessary to get you accredited.  While doing this, we educate and train you and your staff on what it is we are doing and why we do it.  We provide the labor involved in getting the tasks completed necessary for your initial survey.  Plus, you get our policy and procedure manual for new DME, the employee handbook for DME, Job descriptions, performance evaluations, quality plans with studies identified for initial start-ups, a physical review of all your applications including Medicare's 855, 580, and 460.  Also, last, but not least, we provide you with full support while at your site as well as after we have left your facility.  

{airfare, hotel, food are all included in the package A}

Package B is our more affordable package.  This package provides you with everything you need like Package A, except the significant difference is in labor.  We do not do the work for you; we merely guide you to the same rewards and goal as the first package.  The difference is labor and travel expenses between the two packages.

Package A - *$7,500.00

Full Labor support of 40 hours

Unlimited Phone Support

Unlimited Email Support

Policy and Procedures Manuals

Application(s) Execution and Submission of 855/460/588

State & CMS* Applications

Employee File Preparation

Facility Set Up

Billing System Determination and training coordinated with the chosen software application.

Medical Record and Forms Determinations

Budget Establishment

Marketing Plans

DME Product and Inventory PAR establishment

Hotel, Airfare, Car Rental, and Lunches             

Package B -    *$1995.00

Take Package A and subtract out the labor, Hotel, Airfare, Lunches, Car Rental, leaving you with everything above in package A but,
We act openly as a consultant whereas package A we do the work for you.  In this package, we instruct you on how to do the job.       


CMS*-Centers for Medicare Services