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Physician Privileging | Employee | Application for Hire

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Doctors, you must choose your specialty below and submit this with your request for privileges and applications.

Our expert surgery center consultants are more than seasoned to assist you with your credentialing needs.


Surgery Centers must have a defined process for the Physicians' verification and validation of their education, training, and experience.  This is accomplished through the formal process of physician credentialing.  However, to perform surgical cases in an ASC, you must be given permission to perform these requested procedures even if you are the owner of the surgery center, the governing body must approve you for those cases requested.  To protect the surgery center, all approvals are documented and approved by the Board, which is the body that is fully responsible for the medical staff, its quality, its staff, and its outcomes.  

Primary Source Verification is attained via NPDB.  Secondary Source Verification is attained via the AMA.  For CA. Licensed Professionals, the 805 Report is Pulled.

With Identity theft at an all-time high, this process of vetting your physician's is no laughing matter, it is a serious matter that deserves special attention.  With that, you need someone experienced and dedicated to the passion and art of physician credentialing.

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