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Before you start your conversion of a residential home into a congregate living health facility (CLHF), there are taks that must be done and done at the correct time.  You cannot ignore certain tasks that must follow a task completed prior to another.  Or, maybe it is a city sign off on permits, which permits must be done at what time during the phase of conversion or new construction.  Are all the tasks outlined in your paperwork to safeguard you against failure come time for the state license?  This timeline is the tool of all tools.  It holds its own to no other, no other can compare to the level of detail outlined in this timeline.  It gives you peace of mind, ideas of tasks forgotten or unrealized...this is the tool to own for your project without argument.  You will love it, past clients state they could not have gotten through the project wiithout it.  Here is your chance to own it too.  It downloads into an excel spreadsheet for you to customize any way you see fit for your project.

Timeline crossmatched to Tasks before licensing inspection

  • Excel by Microsoft is required to open this file.  It does not matter the version of your software so long as you have excel.

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