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Surgery Center Policy Manual | ASC Policies Procedures Manual

Since October 2005, our policy manuals for ambulatory surgery centers is considered the best and easy to use by some of the most seasoned and experienced surveyors out there in the field today.

Surveyors from The Joint Commission, AAAHC, AAAASF, and even State Regulations Surveyors have praised our manuals both in social media platforms as well as written accolades, attesting to its credible form of compliance.

A large two-manual document of over 800 pages in each manual, you have the manual of Environment of Care and then there is the Administrative Policies Manual.  To see the credible policies we have written on your behalf, see below the image shots of the actual manuals.  See the table of contents for an understanding of all the policies we've written on your behalf using the best practices of 25 years in the ambulatory field of surgery center operations.

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