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Office Based Labs

Our Healthcare Consulting team offers a comprehensive suite of services for Office Based Labs (OBLs). We specialize in helping healthcare organizations develop hybrid models of OBLs and Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) that provide surgeons with a cost-efficient way to perform surgeries. Our expertise, combined with our streamlined processes, makes transitioning to a hybrid model effortless and painless for the surgeon owners.

Office Based Labs or "OBL"s are becoming more and more common in the vascular practices across the United States as a way to treat patients with vascular illness.  It is the combination of procedural, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy.  To start a new project of an OBL, it is imperative to have all the right people and products identified in order to minimize any substantial loss as a direct impact of wrong choices, or bad decisions.  There are four main considerations for much discussion in starting up a newly formed OBL, we've broken them down for you here below:

The equipment you purchase will be your first consideration. Ideally, you want to be able to make the purchase and then remove the worry from your thinking for the foreseeable future.  Introductions to some of the best vendors that offers a variety of turnkey imaging solutions that have been built from the ground up with Office-Based Labs and Ambulatory Surgery Centers in mind. This equipment can enhance the effectiveness of your OBL by helping you reduce costs while increasing patient volume. With the effective treatment of your patients your top priority, you want products to support that goal no matter if you’re performing advanced cardiac and vascular operations or general interventional procedures.

Mobile C-arms

The first choice you’ll want to make is whether to invest in a mobile or a fixed C-arm solution. We almost always recommend the mobile, turnkey option due to the extended level of versatility it affords, particularly if space is at a premium.

Ultrasound The latest ultrasound technology emphasizes portability and comfort for the provider or sonographer in a way that’s unprecedented. With cordless transducers and wireless connectivity now par for the course, you can move your ultrasound equipment precisely where you need it to be in order to meet the needs of your patients and staff.

vascular ultrasound with patient care
C-ARM Fluroscopy Image

One of the most appealing aspects of the Office-Based Lab setup is the potential cost-savings, which lets you invest in high-end technology that you might otherwise not consider.

Reimbursement, for example, can vary between a hospital and an OBL setting. Depending on the nature of your practice and a variety of other factors, it’s certainly possible that you will experience higher reimbursement rates than what you had at a hospital. Understanding the additional level of reimbursement is critical, as it lets you worry less about the financial aspect of the business and frees you up to focus on providing the best care possible. After all, you want the highest possible ROI for your OBL and the best experience for your patients.

The partnership with your vendor should include service considerations as well. In an OBL, you can’t afford the extended downtime that you can get away with in a hospital setting, where there might be redundant equipment ready to go when a certain device isn’t available for your use.

It’s important to work together with your vendor to establish an appropriate service agreement, one that ensures a fast response time when a system isn’t operating properly or goes down completely.

You need to be confident that your vendor is able to minimize downtime so that you’re never left scrambling to reschedule appointments and procedures. A high-level patient experience is critical in the OBL and ASC spaces, where volume is critical. In a non-hospital setting, the number of patients you’re able to see on a daily basis is a critical driver of revenue, and a great service contract can therefore be the make-or-break aspect of your OBL.

Then, last but, not least is the Accreditation.  Accreditation for your OBL is extremely important.  Not for the reason of busy, bureaucratic work, but rather for the level of quality your OBL should demonstrate to the general public that you advocate such quality measures.  Since OBLs are not regulated by most states for anything more than just a regular doctor's office/private practice, it makes becoming accredited even more vitally important than just run of the meal unaccredited status.

Some insurance companies, not all but, a lot of them are now requiring accreditation in order for you to get the higher professional fees that you are submitting claims to be reimbursed.  Some states like California, requires you become accredited based on the level of anesthesia that is provided to the patients.  For California, any anesthesia that is used other than local anesthesia is considered enough to warrant a fully accredited status.

Since our expertise is in the accreditation and certification, we have your back on this process.  With the many OBLs that we've already assisted, we can provide you with a guarantee of you will become accredited.  Our track record is 100% of our clients have achieved the accredited status with their OBLs.

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