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Accreditation and Licensing

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Customizing our service agreements to meet the needs of our clients, regardless of the size of the project - We have a solution that's affordable and efficient.


The accreditation process can be time-consuming, burdensome, and very frustrating while at the same time, taking your time away from your patients. However, any healthcare accreditation worth the time and effort invested realizes the right resources it takes to becoming and maintaining the status of active certification and licenses with or without the federal Medicare Certification. 


​​There are many reasons for your ambulatory business to become accredited:


  • It's a way to demonstrate to your patients and the community that you meet nationally recognized standards and dedication to caring. Thus, a seal for marketing your business to various payers and the general communities at large.


  • Most insurance carriers recognize accreditation as a sign of quality. Without it, the insurance companies will deny paying out any claims submitted.


  • Accreditation is a benchmark for investors to use in evaluating your business, assessing it's worth for acquisitions.


  • Provides continuity in protocols and enhances the quality of care your patients receive, staff become educated, patients become knowledgeable, and the outcomes are noted through simple yet very effective trending and monitoring through Quality initiatives.


Elite Accreditation Consultants can match your business to the type of accreditation you should choose. We make the decision based on the state requirements along with applicable federal regulation with life/safety.  We liaison between the accrediting organization and your governing body, quality committee, and medical staff.


Elite Accreditation has a sterling record at successfully assisting the following types of businesses in obtaining their accreditation and licensing,* some even have the Federal Medicare Certification if they have paitents that are of the Medicare age in population:


 Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Congregate Living Health Facilities, Staffing Agencies, Sleep Centers, IDTF Facilities, Durable Medical Equipment, (DME)/Home Medical Equipment (HME), Home Health Agencies & Hospice Agencies, Pharmacies, and Urgent Care Centers


​​On a more broad scale of types of businesses that can become accredited, this list below is the accreditable organization types thus far that the Joint Commission has been certifying for many years (this list is not all-inclusive):


Ambulatory surgery centers, Cancer therapy, Catheterization Labs, Chiropractic practices, College/University health, Community health centers, Convenient care centers, Correctional Facilities, Dental practices, Dermatology practices, Dialysis centers, Ear/Nose and Throat practices, Endoscopy Centers, Family practices, Gastroenterology services, Group medical practices, In-vitro fertilization clinics, Indian Health Services, Imaging Centers, Infusion therapy services, Laser surgery centers, Lithotripsy services, Military hospitals, Mobile imaging, Occupational health, Ophthalmology practices, Optometry, Oral and maxillofacial surgery, Orthotics/Prosthetics, Orthopedic services, Plastic/cosmetic surgery, Podiatric services, Pain management centers, Radiation Oncology, Rehabilitative and physical therapy, Recovery care/short stay, Sleep centers, Tele-radiology, Tele-medicine diagnostics, Urgent care centers, Urology services, VA clinics, and Women's health centers.


Health Care Accreditation and Licensing, Health Care Accreditation, Health Care Licensing, and Medicare CMS Certification are all crucial aspects of starting a successful ambulatory healthcare business.


Accreditation Consultants for Ambulatory Health Care, Office-Based Surgery, Home Health Agency Accreditation, DME Licensing, and More. Whatever healthcare facility you are trying to establish, Elite Accreditation Consultants are here to provide you with the necessary skills to complete your facilities' accreditation. 


We provide you and your facility with the support you need every step of the way. Every home healthcare agency needs to become accredited to start bringing in a consistent number of patients, and the experts know that the best way to achieve this goal is via HealthCare Accreditation consultation with Elite Accreditation Consultants.

Elite Accreditation Consultants offers the best consultation with more than 25 years in the industry with healthcare accreditation, Medicare CMS Certification, and healthcare state licensing.

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