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Prospero Vascular and Interventional, P.C.  06/24

Dr. David Soto hired us when he began his total construction job for his new OBL. He performs vascular procedures and needs the space to serve his surgical patients and grow into a fully operational ASC when his practice dictates based on need and volume. Dr. Soto is a delightful person to work with, and we will miss him and his project. He achieved Joint Commission Accreditation in June 2024.



SoCal Pain Clinics, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA.  01/2024

Dr. Alex Sabo, the Pain Specialist and Medical Director, hired us to achieve Joint Commission Accreditation, which we did in Jan 2024.  He was pleased with the outcomes and our expedited approach.


My Sleep LLC, San Fran, CA.  02/2024

A sleep and cardiac monitoring testing facility.  We sought to get them qualified as IDTF with CMS as well as Accredited by the Joint Commission, which we successfully obtained in a record time of only 4 weeks from start to finish.  The Client was thrilled with the outcome and our speediness!





I worked with the owner and his assistant to obtain the IDTF status of his sleep testing business. We sought Accreditation after the IDTF's Medicare approval. This was achieved, and the owner was very happy. He even left us a very heartfelt testimonial on video, which we posted on our IDTF page. We could not be happier with this project and the way it turned out. The accreditation was via the Joint Commission and their telehealth accreditation services.  



Dr. Azizi hired us to attain Joint Commission accreditation and Medicare Certification for his newly purchased surgery center. We did just that for him and achieved this monumental task in the fall of 2023. He was pleased with his success.


We assisted this surgery center in achieving two different business locational surgery centers one for workers' compensation cases and the other for regular private insurance cases, pain clinics.  We achieved this for them in 04/23 with nationally recognized Joint Commission accreditation.  

Desert Plastic Surgery, Rancho Mirage, CA. 06/2023

Dr. Marcinkus hired us to assist his plastic surgery business in achieving OBL status as an accredited surgery center with the Joint Commission. As of 06/2023, we were successful at this. We have a Good Team, and we will miss them.  

Concierge HCP Center for Special Surgery, Los Angeles, CA. 10/2023

We assisted this pain center in achieving a surgery center status for acute and chronic long-term pain patients.  With the assistance of their pain doctors, we managed to attain their accreditation status with national accreditation by the Joint Commission.  Great team to work with...





This newly constructed building contained three floors for three businesses, each facility on a different floor and services different from the others.  Owned and operated by the same doctor, each achieving their own accreditation and Medicare Deem Status.  Jorge, Angela, and their staff were a delight to work with and were extremely participatory in helping us help them with the task of achieving national accreditation with the Joint Commission and Federal Certification of Medicare CMS.  We provide ongoing support to Angela and Jorge still today with audits and other services to assist them in maintaining their accredited status.   


We were hired to assist this newly constructed surgery center at becoming accredited with the Joint Commission.  WE were successful at achieving this in Dec. 2023.  

Blue Jay Pharmacy, Clifton, New Jersey 12/23

Chirag Taylor, the owner of Blue Jay Pharmacy, hired us to assist him in obtaining compound pharmacy|DME accreditation for his pharmacy with the BOC Accrediting Agency. We provided full-service consulting, including developing his policy and procedures to become accredited. Mr. Taylor and his staff made this project fun and exciting. We will miss them, but we are happy for their success!

Vascular|Endovascular Associates of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA. 10/23

This project consisted of a newly constructed building that was to become accredited by the Joint Commission. The Joint Commission inspected us in August 2022 and fully accredited us in October 2023. Lisa Morales and Carmen were our main facility contacts, and we worked together as a team to attain the national recognition of Joint Commission Accreditation.  

AVA Vascular, Merietta, CA. 03/23

We assisted Dr. Patel at attaining national OBL Accreditation with QuadA.  This was a new construction plus accreditation project that turned out very nice and fully accredited.  Dr. Patel and his staff were great to work with.


Tri-County Surgery Center, Inc.  West Los Angeles, CA.  07/2022

We were hired to assist this fertility company with their Joint Commission Accreditation.  We accomplished this and they were so pleased.  We did this facility in a record time of turnaround.  Only six weeks from hire to accreditation.  Wow!  My team and I hustled and got it done in record time. 

Arctic Medical Supply, Inc.  Orange County, CA. 07/2022

A newly CA-formed DME Company that hired us to assist them in attaining their accreditation, and state licensure, ultimately receives their CMS Provider Number for billing their claims to Medicare beneficiaries. 

Advanced Imaging Centers of America, Pheonix, AZ 05/2002 

Dr. Churmarthy is a Radiology Student who wants to open his own IDTF. They hired us, and we were eager to start working for them. They passed the Medicare paperwork we submitted and the subsequent on-site survey, giving them their billing provider number.  

National Surgical Centers-Stockton.  Stockton|CA.  07/2022

Diane Boone, VP of Nursing, hired us to assist in their accreditation with AAAASF and their CMS Medicare Deem Status for Medicare Cert of the ASC. They then wished for OBL Certification, which we also attained for them.  We also provide ongoing support for them by doing their credentialing and privileging for their medical staff.

Northern Vein and Vascular. Sacramento|CA.  09/2022

A hybrid center offers vascular procedures to its patients.  They wished for AAAASF OBL accreditation, which we got for them the first time around.  They were very pleased.

Michelle G., Administrator

Modern DME, LLC. Tarzana|CA.  04/2022

A newly formed durable medical equipment company that sought to attain BOC accreditation.  We assisted this client with the turnkey, and we did everything for this client including their state license, their Medicare applications, and then the accreditation. Start to finish, four months in total.  

Hamed Shoorezia, Owner

DTLA Surgery Center.  Los Angeles|CA.  04/2022

Another PAIN SURGICAL CLINIC that provides pain management. Dr. Budday is the owner and pain specialist.

Recently moved to a new location, this had to be resurveyed, he is happy to be Joint Commission accredited.  

Advanced Pain Center, San Pedro|CA. 03/2022

Dr. Munish Lal is the owner and medical director. His patient population seeks procedures that help to control pain, most acute and chronic pain. So, we took his small clinic and turned it into a treatment center that provides surgical interventions to those in pain. He was very pleased to obtain Joint Commission Accreditation.

M. Lal, MD

American Fertility Medical Center. Diamond Bar|CA.  02/2022

This is a fertility surgery center, a brand new facility with new equipment and everything new.  Very Beautiful. They are the experts in making babies for those who cannot conceive the natural way.  The success rate is high, and they sought Joint Commission Accreditation, which we did get for them, and they were very pleased.

Evelyn Hew, Administrator

Abletec Seating & Mobility, LLC. Bogart|GA.  10/2021

Josh Bryant, owner and very experienced in WheelChair Sales and Operations, came to us wanting his brand new facility operational to bill Medicare and their party payers.  So, that is what we did.  Josh is fully accredited by the BOC, state-licensed by the pharmacy boards, and stands on its own in rightful pride and ownership.  Josh is great and we will miss working with him. 

Adjusting Mobility CA, LLC. San Marcos|CA. 10/2021

Adjusting Mobility CA is a DME Company new business start-up.  They came to us only with their dream of owning an operational DME company that could bill Medicare for customizable wheelchair sales.  This is exactly what they got.  From state licensure to accreditation with the BOC accrediting body, Adjusting Mobility CA has become a fully operational business and thriving well.  This is a brother and sister-owned business and was a delight to work for them, very appreciative of all the things we did.

Cornerstone Surgical Center, South Gate|CA 09/2021

A repeat customer for now over 12 years, Cornerstone hired us again to provide direction and guidance in their AAAHC tri-annual renewal of their accreditation.   This is what we delivered and delivered it with zero deficiencies.  They were very pleased with the end results.  Congrats Cornerstone, job well done!!

Active Surgery Center, Arcadia|CA 10/2021

Dr. Maxim Moradian is a double-boarded sports medicine and pain management, specialist.  He hired us with the desire to convert part of his pain practice into a full-blown operational surgery center.  This is exactly what we did.  We did it with an energy of expeditiousness and with total perfection.  His center is now fully accredited by the Joint Commission.

Beverly Hills Surgical Institute, LLC

BHSI, LLC has hired us from the first day of company formation, then hired us for every subsequent survey they have had since inception.  They employ us on a continuous basis as we take care of quarterly audits throughout the year.  They then started a surgery center in Northern California and one in Ontario, Cal., where we were contracted to provide our services for these two new facilities as well as maintain their Beverly Hills location.

Apex Ambulatory Surgical Center

Dr. Michael Fujinaka, Pain Management Board Certified surgeon hired us to assist in getting his newly constructed surgery center up and equipped, accredited, and operational.  We assisted in both the initial accreditation and the Medicare Deem Status with IMQ, Inc. as their accrediting agency.  This facility is located in Foster City, CA. (the San Mateo region area of Northern Ca.)

Advanced Pain Surgery Center

Dr. Pejman Shirazy hired us to get his newly formed pain center accredited with the Joint Commission.  We did just that and he was so happy with the outcome, that he hired again to do DTLA Surgery Center in Los Angeles.

Proactive Care, Inc.

This congregate living facility hired us to assist them in attaining accreditation with CHIQ.  We assisted them, and they received their accreditation. Since then, they have referred us to a lot of businesses, and we stay in close communication with doing other jobs for them.

Westcare Surgery Center, Inc.

Hired us to achieve their initial accreditation as a surgery center.  This is the second time, Dr. Scott hired us to achieve initial, and the fourth time for renewal of his accreditation for his two surgery centers in Garden Grove, Ca.

Pacific Surgery Center of Huntington Beach
Hired to get this surgery center's initial accreditation with IMQ.  This facility passed with no deficiencies.   Owned by an Orthopod, it makes efficient use of space with one operating room and a two-bed recovery suite.

Rejuvenexx, Inc.
Dr. Yu and his staff, especially Tina, have worked feverishly hard to achieve this Joint Commission gold seal of approval.  They have finally made it and we are so happy to be part of their overall success.  This is a beautiful place located on La Tunas Drive in the beautiful city of Arcadia, CA.  

Americas Top Surgery Center - Huntington Park, CA.
Dr. Feliciano Serrano hired us to get his newly operational surgery center up and moving toward full service.  Under the Joint Commission, new facilities can achieve an early option survey that enables them to focus on the facility and then schedule to come back six months later for the focus on patient care, infection control, and medical records.

Wrigley Medical Surgical Center - Long Beach, CA.
Dr. Albert Lai and Lisa hired us to get their newly constructed center fully accredited for a term of three years.  This was achieved and they could not be any happier.  Good Job Gang!  (714)622-8067

Canaan Surgery Center, Inc.
Dr. Walter Kim and the Canaan Surgery Center are now officially accredited by the Joint Commission.  Their survey was a big success and we pat ourselves on the back has helped get them to their accredited goal. (213)235-8586

Journey Surgery Center, Inc.-Aliso Viejo, CA
Dr. Albert Lai and Lisa Roedel hired us for their newly constructed surgery center and it's a beauty.  Got to see how beautiful it really is.  Fully accredited now as of 11/3/2016.  Call Lisa @ (951)973-4761

Rest-Moore, Inc. -Middlesboro, KY
Morgan Miracle, a respiratory therapist, hired us to help him secure his accreditation and state license for Medicare Certification.  We did so, and they could not be any happier with our success.  Morgan's number is (606)269-4829.​


Cornerstone Surgical Center
Patricia Martinez and Dr. Rojas hired us to get their surgery center accredited with AAAHC, and we did just that!  They were even given a three-year accreditation straight from the beginning, this is how well we did for this job!

Diamond Surgical Institute, Inc.
Dr. Roya hired us to get her surgery center built, equipped, staffed and accredited by the Joint Commission.  We did just as she asked and they are now operational and fully accredited.


Dr. (s) Sanchen and Lieberman hired us to assist at the building of their surgery center in Palo Alto, CA.  We were on the project early and participated in all aspects of the design, construction, and then the accreditation.  We wish them the best of luck.  They are IMQ Accredited and in full compliance.

Xcell Surgery Center, LLC (Long Beach, CA.) & Xcell Surgery Center 2, LLC (Westlake Village,  CA)
Dr.(s) Nick Fuller and Thomas Apostle both own these Pain Management Facilities. They are Joint Commission Accredited, and we assisted with the full construction, design, planning, Accreditation, and CMS application.

Pure Surgery Center, Pasadena, CA.
A podiatrist wanted us to create a sublet for an existing surgery center in Pasadena, across from HUNTINGTON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL, which we did.  And we sought to attain IMQ accreditation for them, which we successfully achieved.  Dr.Blaine and his wife, Kaye Blaine are very pleased with the end results.



Below Are Some More of Our Clients


Southern California Fertility Specialists,

Los Angeles & San Francisco|Ca

Cleveland Dental Institute Cleveland|OH


Rejuvenex, Arcadia|Ca

Canaan Surgery Center, LA|Ca

Rivers Edge, Palm Desert|Ca

Robotic Brain & Spine Center, West Hollywood|Ca

Cornerstone Surgical Center, South Gate|Ca

Diamond Surgical Institute, Encino|Ca

Rejuvenation, Encino|CA

Encino Surgical Institute, Encino|Ca

Discover Surgical Center, Mesa|Az

Vascular Surgery Center, Surprise|Az

Journey Surgery Center, Aliso Viejo|Ca

Placentia Surgery Center, Placentia|Ca 

Physicians Choice Surgery Center, Garden Grove|Ca

Dr. Andrea Aboolian's Surgery Center, Beverly Hills|Ca

Americas Top Surgery Center, Huntington Park|Ca

Avanguard Surgery Center, Encino|Ca

Beverly Hills Surgery Center, Beverly Hills|Ca

Lisa Casseth's Surgery Center, Beverly Hills|Ca

China Lake Surgery Center, Ridgecrest|Ca

Bakersfield Surgery Center, Bakersfield|Ca

Duke's Sugery Center, Westminster|Ca

He Cares, Atlanta|Ga

J. Nazarian, MD, Beverly Hills|Ca

Pain Management Solutions, Beverly Hills|Ca

Dr. Jain's Pain Clinic, Encino|Ca

La Peer Surgery Center, Beverly Hills|Ca

Westview Medical Surgical Clinic, Long Beach|Ca

Wrigley Surgery Center, Long Beach|Ca

Noble Care Outpatient Surgery Center, Westminster,|Ca

David Passaretti, MD, New Jersey|USA

Premier Surgery Center, New Jersey|USA

Ramin Sarshad, MD, Culver City|Ca

Specialty Surgery Center, Glendale|Ca

Stroung Cosmetic, Westminster|Ca

Athenix, Orange County|Ca

Celine Cosmetics, Mid-Wilshire|Ca

Family Surgery Center, Garden Grove|Ca

Eric Landerheim, MD Fresno|Ca

Dr. Mittal GI, Fresno|Ca

Glow, San Jose|Ca

Intelligent Pain Solutions, Beverly Hills|Ca

Knowles Surgery Center, San Jose|Ca

Josepha Seletz, MD, Beverly Hills|Ca

Matt Sed, MD, Beverly Hills|Ca

Nova Surgicenter, Nova|Ca

Physicians Skin and Weight Center, San Jose|Ca

Tarzana Outpatient Center, Encino|Ca

Vangala, MD, Fresno|Ca

Vista Outpatient Surgical Center, Burbank|Ca

And many more...

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