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This is a "Dummies" guide to starting your own DME business. This book will help you assess your readiness for becoming an owner, identify necessary steps in order to do so, and learn how to profit from your new company.


Before you dive into starting a new DME business, you should first do a quick assessment of your readiness for the responsibility there is in owning such a business-like DME. This quick summary and guide help you navigate through the steps that must be taken to successfully own, bill, and profit from a DME Business.  It helps you determine your true desire to own a business that in the past has had a lot of fraud and abuse with Medicare Funding.  


We take the guesswork out of the first steps.  From Startup to state licensure, to Medicare certification, to billing, to receiving payments.  This document is the appetizer before your main course if you will.  

"DME Ownership for Dummies" - Start up to making a profit

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