Before deciding to ask a lender for a loan to start up a congregate living health facility, you must be prepared. To be prepared, a business plan outlining some basic foundation ground work must be laid to better understand this business and know of the potential revenues.  We have made this task easier for you by giving you the basics that you can then take and build upon in both business planning and your education of the program and revenues it offers.  Be forewarned, this is NOT complete or bank ready.  This is a template that has the basics identified for you to take and work with to build the perfect business plan for the loan or other lenders as you see fit.  


Quickly receive a business plan template that you can use to build upon and have a viable plan for business revenue generating health care business that will prove to be a good investment for many years to come. Don't think about starting a business without first having a solid plan for starting and sustaining the business while you obtain all the necessary regulatory requirements of your state. Please copy and paste the url below into your browswer and visit it for a free preview of this E-Book!

Business Plan Template for Congregate Living Health Facility


  • File format is a word doc file.  Customizable to your preferences.  There is no refund on this product as it is downloaded digitally to you and cannot be returned.

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