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Did you know? Tips and a quick guide to help secure your best post-inspection and survey results.

1. Did you know that if you have a water cooler, any type of water cooling or heating device in your lobby area or recovery rooms, then the outlet for the device that holds the water must be an outlet known as a GFCI outlet.

GFCI outlet

Why does it need to be this type of outlet? Because GFCI outlets protect against water shocks to patients and staff. Should there be water that touched this outlet, it would kick off and would then need to be reset in order to operate.

2. The same goes for the operating rooms of your surgery centers. In the OR, because water is used in orthopedic cases, it is very important to have these same outlets done in the operating rooms. If you don't use them, you will need to have an assessment to keep it from being required. For example, you are a single specialty pain center. Then one could argue, that water would not be a problem.

3. Debris buildup on the fans of the restrooms is a problem. Oftentimes, the fans are black and it is hard to see the debris. Trust us, it is there. Have routine cleaning done even if you cannot visualize the debris.

a dirty exhaust fan

4. When cleaning the glucometer, you must clean it with a high-level disinfectant. Read the bottle on your cleaning medium, is it listed as high level or low level? Because blood is involved, it needs high-level disinfectant.

cavicide disinfectant

5. A little fun. Leave a comment with some of the issues with this picture. There are a total of 25 things that make this picture so wrong. Do you know what they are? Leave them in the comments and have some fun with it.

whats wrong with this picture?  AORN tests our skills

How many of the "what's wrong with this picture, " did you get right?

  • > 25

  • < 25

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