Written on the Joint Commission, AAAHC, and AAAASF standards, along with state and local government recommendations and the suggestive of the CDC, this policy manual is all-inclusive and has everything you need to be successful in achieving accreditation and/or even Medicare Deem Status.


Every surgery center new and old must have a policy manual in place by the time of your national accreditation, state license, or federal Medicare Survey. When the surveyors come into the facility, have the peace of mind needed to get you through this survey by purchasing our policy manual. With over 25 years of best practices generated from this document, it's a sure win for you and your surveyor.


Dr. Matthew has been recorded as saying, "this policy manual is one of the most in-depth, all inclusive manuals out there that I have seen in the twenty-three years of doing surveys".  We appreciate his compliment, and still we work hard every three years when the updates are published and forces us to revise, edit, add on more policies to meet the newest of recommendations.  

Surgery Center Policies and Procedures