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Avoid These 3 Things On Your Last Day of Survey: A Guide to Nailing Your Exit Conference

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

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What is an Exit Conference?

An exit conference is the final meeting between a survey team and the people they met while onsite conducting the survey. The exit conference is typically scheduled at the end of the survey day and is used to provide feedback on findings and note any issues discovered during the survey. Usually, the exit conference is scheduled with a surveyor, the survey team leader, and anyone else involved in the survey. The meeting is usually scheduled in the last hour of the survey day, and the exit conference usually lasts no longer than one hour. The exit conference is the last chance for surveyors to provide feedback on issues discovered during the survey and to discuss corrective action that can be taken to resolve problems.

Three Common Mistakes to Avoid on Your Last Day of Survey

On your last survey day, it’s essential to avoid making these common mistakes that could result in a negative survey report. These tips will help you ensure that the survey goes smoothly and that your last day of the survey is a positive experience for everyone involved.

Not Having the Right Information Ready -

Not Being Prepared to Answer Questions -

Not Demonstrating Compliance -

How to Nail Your Exit Conference

To make the most positive impression possible, it’s essential to follow these tips to prepare for your exit conference and ensure that the survey goes smoothly.

To nail your exit conference, there are three key areas to focus on: information, preparedness, and compliance.

Information -

Preparedness -

Compliance -


Keep these tips in mind as you prepare for your exit conference, and you’ll be sure to nail your exit conference and make a lasting impression on the survey team. This can help you ensure that your last day of survey is a positive experience for everyone involved. A positive survey report can be crucial for your facility’s future and can help you put the survey process behind you once and for all.

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