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Surgery Centers- Joint Commission has deleted a sum of 20 standards and revised 1 for 2023

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Joint Commission is eliminating 168 standards (14%) and revising 14 other standards across its accreditation programs to streamline requirements and make them as efficient and impactful on patient safety, quality and equity as possible. Additionally, The Joint Commission is not raising its accreditation fees for domestic hospitals in 2023 in recognition of the many financial challenges hospitals and health systems continue to face.

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The first tranche of standards deletions and revisions by program will be effective Jan. 1, 2023. They include:

Hospital: 56 deleted and 4 revised

Critical Access Hospital: 37 deleted and 4 revised

Ambulatory Health Care: 20 deleted and 1 revised

Behavioral Health Care and Human Services: 9 deleted and 1 revised

Home Care: 10 deleted and 1 revised

Laboratory Services: 6 deleted and 1 revised

Nursing Care Center: 12 deleted and 1 revised

Office-Based Surgery: 18 deleted and 1 revised

Joint Commission has deleted

jointcommission deleted standards
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