Is it Wise to have Sacred Cows Employed by Your Small Business?

What are sacred cows in the workplace?

A sacred cow is those employees with a unique tie or alignment to upper management, if not the business owners. They will often have an attitude, if not completely rude, to

any new employee. They make it difficult for a manager or director to manage, and they almost always make more money than the other staff performing the same job skills and tasks.

It can deteriorate the staff workplace morale, with the pay differences alone, this is very problematic. This example below is an actual "real" situation that the author of this blog has experienced; see below:

  • New grad surgical technologists made $45.00 an hour, while their recent grad RNs were at $32.50 an hour. It was not long before I realized that the surgical tech was a second-level blood relative. To gather my arm around the expenses, I first went after the accessible areas to reduce the costs. The surgical tech was unhappy about reducing her pay by $20.00 an hour. No fault of her own, and it was not a fair situation. But it was their reality.

  • Consultants selling plastic surgery procedures with zero to some lower experience get 10-25% of the total surgical sales. Ridiculous, yet it is true. This consultant used to be the GF of one of the owners. The company boosted her success by leasing a new Porsche, which was sweet! Bittersweet for the consultants that worked just as hard but maintained a professional relationship with the owners only.

I have professionally witnessed them contact the labor boards over nothing with any substance. I have seen them file bogus civil lawsuits that cost the owners hundreds of thousands of dollars; such a waste of time, energy, and money! It has been determined that a sacred cow can never be a good thing for any small business.

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