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There is no way to demonstrate the trained and competent staff person knows of his/her functions and tasks like you can with a full range and scale competency assessment of their work.  So, we took the functions of a instrument tech/surgical tech and pull apart the cleaning, sterilization, and environment of the functions themselves, and gave them weighted scores in assessing their overall competency.  The surveyors love our design, they never stop ranting and raving how efficient it is and very specific to the job and tasks at hand for this person.  You will love it too, as it will save you long hours to keep from having to create it yourself.  Now, you can just dive right into assessing them.  Don't under-estimate the effectiveness of their competencies and your assessment of them as such.  Buy this, you will love it!

Sterile Processing Instruments, Cleaning, Sterilization, Competencies

  • This file will be downloaded to you in a link and it will be in the format of micorsoft word, for easy editing if you desire.

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