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Ways to increase your DME sales.

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Increase Your DME Sales Using These Tips

The DME industry remains critical to patients’ health, despite the fact that regulations are growing more difficult and insurance and Medicare pay less and take longer. Here are some pointers for successfully selling medical equipment in today’s complex market.

Today, the DME industry is more difficult to navigate than ever, thanks to increased regulation, reduced insurance and Medicare payments, and slower payment times. Despite this, medical equipment still plays a crucial role in patient care, so opportunities are still plentiful for suppliers who are able to adapt. Here are a few pointers for succeeding in today's complex medical equipment market.

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Leverage the plethora of online tools to stay relevant.

DME suppliers everywhere should make strategic use of the internet. Selling online is not necessarily the solution.

First, use online sources to track DME industry trends and data. Use Google Alerts to be notified whenever a certain product name or industry term appears in the news. In addition, see if your preferred medical journals and equipment manufacturers offer online newsletters. You will receive instant updates and stay informed about alterations between print publications by subscribing online.

Keeping up-to-date and networking with industry experts and referrals is simple with LinkedIn. Follow thought leaders and competitors to see what's next. When you come across information that doctors might find useful, post it so that you can build your reputation as a DME supplier. Increase your DME Sales.

Create An Email List.

Medical equipment can be advertised through an email list. Keeping your clients informed about the equipment you have is one way to sell using the internet. When new technology or improved models become available, email marketing is a great way to build relationships with clients and keep them informed. Having clients know what is available and having a convenient way to view, learn about, and purchase items are both excellent strategies to increase sales.

An email platform can be used to advertise other aspects of your firm in addition to keeping clients informed about products. For example, if you provide in-home delivery or medical equipment financing, send an email to notify clients that you offer the equipment they desire in addition to multiple payments and delivery options to demonstrate you care about their well-being.

It's critical to adhere to HIPAA and email marketing best practices when sending emails. Make sure not to inundate your customers' inboxes—only send messages when you have important information or news to share, once a week at most. Your goal is to give your business a personality and maintain engagement, not to have recipients searching for the 'unsubscribe' button.

Approach Problems Like Millennials Do

There is a strong chance that you are competing with Millennials for customers, since they are the ones who are most responsible for shaping today's consumer mentality. Be quick to act and adapt to changes, in order to keep up. Consumers are no longer willing to wait or make compromises.

Consumers want to be catered to in real time, and businesses should continuously seek out new ways to do so. Look for ways to provide added value and customise your services in order to cater to the consumer's lifestyle. The consumer culture today demands an experience that caters to the consumer's lifestyle. In addition to online ordering, businesses may provide added value and differentiation in a variety of ways, such as staying open late or offering flexible payment options.

Medical equipment financing is one simple way to offer consumer financing. In addition to helping customers acquire the products they desire, DME suppliers can receive payments rapidly and efficiently if consumers are offered with consumer financing. What other alternatives might you provide consumers to discover that many are advantageous?

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People are buying like crazy.

Your DME shop should meet customer expectations if you have a physical location. The Apple Store is a wonderful example of an experiential showroom. Despite the fact that your store shouldn’t feel like an Apple Store, you should tailor it to your audience as well as the Apple Store tailors to its own.

A room should have clearly defined sections to store specific types of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics, and supplies. Products may also be organised by condition or treatment type, such as mobility.

Make it as effortless and enticing as possible for consumers to learn about DME and DEMPOS products, and to receive assistance if they require it. For example, leave enough space to move through aisles with wheelchairs. Make sure your shop has adequate lighting with big, legible print to assist people with vision problems. Make sure that your store is well lit with signage that is clear and legible to people with vision problems. Attention to detail will impress shoppers, gain their favour, and improve medical equipment sales.

Save time and effort by letting the computer do the work.

Save time and money by using the most recent technology and software to streamline workflow and reduce manual labour.

What repetitive tasks prevent you or your employees from focusing on growth? Taking inventory? Invoicing? Keeping in touch with customers? When was the last time you re-evaluated your process? Today, there are numerous tools that may help automate or improve the efficiency of common business tasks. The time and money you could save may persuade you to invest in new inventory management, billing, or customer relationship management (CRM) software.

Partner with UCFS to finance medical equipment.

It isn’t easy to stay on top of DME sales. However, there is one simple way to strengthen your business: provide medical equipment financing.

Choosing the right consumer finance company to partner with is crucial. You and your customers should both find it pleasant to work with a firm that is easy to communicate with. UCFS, for instance, provides simple financing for medical equipment with streamlined applications, quick approvals, and competitive rates.

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