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Can you place your centralized vacuum system inside the clean/dirty area?

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

centralized vacuum systems in recovery rooms

Medical-surgical vacuum sources shall never be installed inside of a designated clean space. The construction narrative to include architectural plans would require the review and approval of local authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ's) which is where this question should be directed. See below for standard and code information that may be relevant in your future planning on this topic.

Centralized Vacuum Systems

EC.02.05.09; EP14 requires the surgery center to meet the requirements of NFPA 99 (2012): Health Care Facilities Code related to gas and vacuum systems and gas equipment. NFPA 99 (2012) provides the following guidance on the location of vacuum sources. Medical–surgical vacuum sources shall be located per as follows: (1) Indoors in a dedicated mechanical equipment area, adequately ventilated and with any required utilities (2) In a room ventilated per (3) For air-cooled equipment, in a room designed to maintain the ambient temperature range as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.


ceentralized vacuum systems in a utility storage area

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