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Bad Surgeons? But, is it really?

In the realm of surgery, there is a common awareness of the existence of subpar practitioners. However, when we delve into the depths of just how deficient they are, the statistics reveal an astonishingly minimal impact.

These mishaps, when compared to the vast total of procedures executed, are estimated to be as insignificant as 0.007%. In the grand scheme of things, that doesn't seem all that dire, does it?

Bad surgeons, or what?

It is worth considering that beneath their surgical gowns, all surgeons are fundamentally human beings. Perhaps it would serve us better to spotlight the positive contributions they make each day, rather than fixating on a statistically inconsequential figure that defies easy comprehension. Still bad surgeons?

When we take a closer look at their daily lives - the demanding schedules, the immense stress, the relentless pursuit of running a thriving practice, and the convoluted politics entwined with the medical profession - it becomes evident why our nation grapples with a perilous shortage of new graduates entering the field of medicine.

In today's world, where lucrative careers seem to be on an upward trajectory, it's worth noting that some individuals can amass greater wealth as YouTubers, with the average income for such content creators surpassing $1.97 million.

total screw up of staff and patient

Alternatively, one can venture into startups with minimal initial investments, hoping to strike it big. Consider this: if you had invested $1,000 in Google back in 1998, that modest sum would now be worth a staggering $77 million. Consequently, questions about the shortages in the medical field inevitably arise.

Medicine, once held in high esteem and associated with glamour, used to be a cherished aspiration for many. However, times have evolved. The prevalence of healthcare-related lawsuits has significantly eroded the prestige once associated with the medical profession. This is the essence of my message.

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