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Every surgery center accross the United States must capture certain elements of the surgery center's vital functions each surgical day.  From Narcotic Logs to Temperature Logs of the Operating Room and Refrigerator can be found on these pre-printed tab dividers making is essentially impossible to fail at capturing this data.  There are a total of ten dividers and they include the following:

Narcotic Log
OR Temperature Log
Autoclave Cleaning Log
Quality Indicators Log (EOC related)
Transfers to the Acute Facility Log
Pathology Specimen Log
Crash Cart Log
Eye Wash Station Log
Emergency EOC Log
Surgical Day Checklist Log

These logs will be mailed to the address you provide the next business day from ordering.

Surgical Logs- Mandatory Logs PrePrinted Dividers

  • We will honor any returns to be initiated no more than ten days after receipt of the item.

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