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Pelton & Crane Magnaclave Features

The Magna-Clave features a series of safety measures, like a Pelton & Crane-patented door lock that seals the entirety of the sterilizer’s rim, as well as clarity features like a series of indicator lights (“Power On,” “Heat On,” “Sterile,” and “Open Door”). The Magna-Clave the sterilizer is a manually-operated sterilizer with a 15-inch internal diameter by a 30-inch-deep, round, stainless-steel chamber. Due to its large capacity, ease of use, and quick cycle speed (completes a flash cycle in 18 minutes from a warm start), it should come as no surprise that Pelton & Crane’s Magna-Clave is an industry-leading sterilizing unit.


  • Floor autoclave with steam generator
  • Compact size
  • Large chamber capacity
  • Safety lock system
  • Simple and easy locking mechanism
  • Easy cleaning


Pelton & Crane Magnaclave Specifications


Chamber Dimensions

  • 15” dia x 26” deep (38.7 cm x 66 cm)

Overall Dimensions

  • Width 28” or 71.1 cm
  • Depth 34.5” or 87.6 cm
  • Height With Stand 53” or 134.6 cm
  • Height Without Stand 23” or 58.4 cm

Minimum Space Required

  • With Stand 34” to 40” wide x 56” deep x 65” high
  • Without Stand 34” to 40” wide x 56” deep x 35” high

Flash Cycle:

  • 18 minutes from a warm start and 35 minutes from a cold start.


  • Power On, Heat On, Sterile, Open Door and Water Level


  • Small: 10.5” x 26.5” x 2”.
  • Large: 15.25” x 26.5” x 6”


  • Voltage: 208 - 240 VAC.
  • Power Consumption: 5000W
  • Current Rating: 30-amp electrical circuit

Pelton & Crane MagnaClave AutoClave

  • This unit has been refurbished and guarenteed to work as it should upon arrival.  These units are no longer made by manufacturer, parts and supplies are in plenty form on the internet.  We do process refunds for returned items, the return shipping is the responsibility of the purchaser.

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