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How to Choose the Right C-Arm for Pain Management: A Comparison of OEC Models 9600, 9800, and 9900

A moving, maneuvering C-ARM

Choosing the right C-arm for pain management is crucial for medical facilities, balancing between patient workflow, procedure requirements, and budget constraints.

The OEC models 9600, 9800, and 9900 each offer distinct features suited to different levels of need. While the 9600 is budget-friendly for lower patient volumes, the 9800 provides high-resolution imaging for more advanced procedures. The 9900, on the other hand, offers top-tier vascular features with a price to match.

Additionally, the choice between 9” and 12” Image Intensifiers depends on the specific needs of pain management, with 9” typically providing sufficient magnification. For facilities looking for enhanced maneuverability, the Super C variant stands out. To explore these options further and find the best fit for your practice, visit Block Imaging's detailed guide [here](

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