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Credentialing Nursing Staff (i.e. CRNAs/NPs/FAs)

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

It is important to remember that Medicare requires advanced professionals to be credentialed as "allied health professionals" just like you do the physicians. Requiring the same verifications as you would the MDs, DOs, DPMs, etc. Doing this provides a full circle of verifications. Remember their certification boards must be verified as well as their state licensures.

The ones we find missing most of the time when doing mock surveys are the NPDB Profiles for clearances as well OIG Exclusions for Medicare Certified Facilities. Below is a list example of what you should have in a typical CRNA file in order to meet both Joint Commission as well as CMS regulations:

  • Prior experience in the acute and / or the surgery center demonstrating that they have been given privileges to perform the types of anesthesia they are requesting

  • The request for privileges of the types of anesthesia they wish to perform

  • Current ACLS

  • RN Licensure Validation

  • CRNA Licensure Validation

  • NPDB Query

  • National Board Cert as a CRNA

  • 2 Professional References

  • Application with Attestations

  • PPD/Hep/Covid/Flu Vaccine (for Covid, you need the booster at minimum)

  • Photo ID

  • If they are contracted with the organization, a contract is necessary (1099)

The same goes for the other allied health professionals, such as NPs, FAs, etc.

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