8 Characteristics of a Shady Surgeon Versus Those of an Ethical Physician

When you need surgery, you want to find an experienced and skilled surgeon. But sadly, some surgeons have less than altruistic motives. Some are greedy, unethical individuals who will exploit you for money and leave you in pain rather than help you. Here’s what to look out for when choosing a surgeon. Read on to find out the eight characteristics of shady surgeons versus those of ethical ones. If you are someone who is considering cosmetic surgery or has been thinking about it but hasn’t begun the process yet, you must understand how to research your options and find trustworthy professionals before making any final decisions or commitments. Even if cosmetic surgery is something that appeals to you, not all surgeons are honest or trustworthy individuals. Some are unqualified and untrustworthy individuals looking to take advantage of people with insecurities about their appearance.

Be wary of anyone pressuring you to have surgery immediately. The more time you have to research, the better!

## Be wary of anyone pressuring you to have surgery immediately. Shady surgeons will often pressure you into having surgery right away. This is something that should always be your decision, not theirs. You should never feel rushed or pressured into scheduling surgery. A shady surgeon will use this as a tactic to get you to have surgery before you have a chance to do the necessary research on the facility and the surgeon and decide if it’s the best option for you. *Remember that most all surgical facilities that perform surgery must be accredited in the United States. Some states do not require it, however, they do require state licensure instead. So one or the other they must have. In California, the requirement for accreditation is based on the level of anesthesia planned for the surgery. Anything more than conscious sedation would require accreditation. State licensure is not applicable to physician-owned surgery centers in the State of California.

Check a surgeon’s track record before agreeing to any procedure.

When you are considering a surgeon, you should look into not only their education and experience but also their track record. If you have visited a plastic surgeon’s website, for example, you may have seen a “before and after” section with photos from previous patients. If you have ever wondered if it’s important to check a surgeon’s track record, the answer is a resounding “yes!” A shady surgeon will have a track record full of unsatisfied patients who were left with bad results and an even worse experience. You want to find a surgeon who has the experience and has performed the procedure you are considering many times. You want to find a surgeon who has performed this procedure successfully many times, not just once or twice. You want a surgeon who has a proven track record of happy and satisfied patients. In the State of California, it is the public's right to see all that the physician has dealt with on the level of their licenses. It is public knowledge to see accusations, final actions taken by the Medical Board, even things like illegal marketing tactics, calling themselves board-certified when they are not, etc. There is no such board certification for cosmetic surgery, so if your physician calls himself/herself a board-certified cosmetic surgeon, they are LYING to you. They could be a board-certified dermatologist, but not cosmetic surgery.

Ask how many times they’ve performed the procedure you are considering.

If you are considering a specific procedure, you should ask the surgeon how many times they have performed that specific procedure. Ideally, you want to find a surgeon who has performed that procedure at least 100 times. Why? Because the more times a surgeon has done a procedure, the more skilled and experienced they are at doing it. Yes, even surgeons have to get better at their jobs with practice. This is not to say that surgeons who have performed a procedure fewer times won’t be skilled or competent, but you will want to find a surgeon who has as much experience as possible with the procedure you are considering.

Shady surgeons will not provide information about potential complications or risks.

A trustworthy surgeon will be upfront and honest about everything related to your surgery. They will discuss the potential complications or risks of the surgery. They may even have a special section on their website or on their information page addressing these common questions. A shady surgeon will gloss over or ignore your questions about complications or risks. They may even try to rush you through your questions or make it seem like they are not that big of a deal. At a minimum, each surgeon should always share with you the risks, benefits, and alternatives, to any procedure performed. If they do not, they are performing sub-standard care for their patients. You should run as fast as you can!

A trustworthy surgeon will have no problem answering your questions and addressing your concerns.

You should feel comfortable asking any questions that you have about the surgery and the recovery process. You should feel comfortable asking about the risks and complications that are specific to your situation. You should never feel rushed or pressured to make a decision about surgery. A trustworthy surgeon will have no problem answering all of your questions and addressing your concerns. They have no problem taking the time to go over the procedure and your options with you. They don’t try to rush you into a decision or make you feel like you have to have surgery immediately.