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How compliant is your radiological Program related to your Fluoroscopy?

You must have a dosimetry badge program.  Is it ok that staff share the badges for those that have left the facility and will not be back to work?

Annually, a physicist comes and does a full comprehensive assessment of your C-Arm for patient safety and efficacy?

In the employee lounge, you have the "employee notice sign" posted?
 By the C-Arm unit, you have the state regulations posted for employee review?

When you first registered your C-Arm, you posted the registration in the lobby for patient viewing? 


Any changes in ownerships were reported in 30 days to the state? 


RH1019 Application for Radiation Shielding was submitted prior to facility use of fluro?

Policies are in place for the following:
caution xray sign
Caution Xray keep out
Pregnant beware xray

You must have a policy for pregnant patients.  This policy must contain the following guidelines:

-Modification of exam
-Physician Consultation with patient
-Documentation of pregnancy status

Staff without a valid and current certificate/permit in fluoroscopy may not perform the following:  Positioning the patient, positioning the fluoroscopy equipment, or selecting exposure factors!

If any part of the above caused you to pause, think, or question yourself, then you probably are not ready for your next inspection.

The Radiological Branch of the State Sacramento Office has upped their game, and writing citations both left and right sides of the aisle.  Don't be caught ill-prepared.  Call us if you need our help!

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