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Mari Markell's Background



Strategic, analytical and innovative business development/marketing professional with strong operational management skills. Extensive experience in national health care and hospitality markets. Proven ability to build programs based on an in-depth analysis of the markets, the competitors, the customers, including their interdependent relationships.


A proven track record of increasing revenue growth by strategic development, message branding, implementation and results measurement, identification and evaluation of market segments, management of staff. 

A results-oriented leader in talent management and revenue enhancement with a proven record of implementing strategies for driving better business results through employee engagement, focus and commitment resulting in long-term organizational vitality. 


•    Developed sales partnerships/ procured contracts in the medical community; including, MSO's, IPA's, ACO's, HMO's, physicians, hospitals, assisted living facilities, home health agencies and long term care facilities resulting in customer loyalty and an increase in sales revenue and market share.

•    Created marketing partnership programs to strengthen relationships within new target segments, including co-op funds, joint market development projects and co-branding.

•    Extensive marketing research projects (focus groups, surveys, questionnaires) used in determining customer purchase motivators, trends and value metrics for increasing message effectiveness and new product development to targeted market segments.

•    Successfully launched an extensive new treatment and body product line in 90 days, resulting in an 86% increase in retail sales companywide.

•    Developed and managed performance of telemarketing team to monitor effectiveness and ROI of all brand campaigns (people, product and processes).

•    Implemented automated methods for the consumer to purchase products online, resulting in an increase of revenue.


•    Directed and managed all phases of creative production; inclusive of, design, brand management, print management, lead tracking, and database market testing.

•    Brand development of new brochures, newsletters and website to support overall sales objectives.

•    Oversaw extensive marketing research (PRIZM, email and direct mail customer surveys, questionnaires, focus groups) to determine Customer purchasing motivators, buying trends, and value metrics for increasing message effectiveness and new product development to targeted areas.

•    Directed tracking and database market testing.

•    Directed creation and launch of corporate websites to support external and internal brand identity and awareness.


•    Increase annual sales at Lindora Inc. by 50% in nine months.

•    Created and managed media marketing strategies for refractive surgery centers throughout California, increasing secondary and tertiary referrals by 38%.

•    Trained, coached, monitored and mentored sales teams in marketing objectives and setting strategic quarterly and annual sales plans.

•    Managed cross-functional teams: clinical, operational, sales and customer support in new product development and introduction processes.

•    Restructure of Sales and Marketing Departments with new job descriptions and MBO's to become in sync with company's business and financial objectives



•    Development of HR Departments, both as an internal and external consultant; inclusive of, organizational design, job descriptions, recruitment strategies, competency testing and compensation studies, HR audits and compliance, training initiative, performance management programs, and bonus structures

•    Directly responsible for increased employee retention and reduced Unemployment and Workers' Compensation claims by implementing S.M.A.R.T. hiring procedures company-wide.

•    Developed definitive job description, competitive salary compensation plans, tiered structuring bonus plans, employment offers, and new hire orientation programs.

•    Created performance management strategies to retain loyal, customer focused employees and increase ROI.

•    Developed and implemented organizational redesign initiatives, performance improvement
processes. and instructional design in blended learning systems

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