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Specialty Pharmacy/URAC Accreditation

The two major specialty pharmacy accreditation organizations are (URAC) and (ACHC). Both URAC and ACHC also have other accreditations beyond specialty pharmacy.

Accreditation Consulting Services

 Elite Accreditation knows what it takes to achieve successful accreditation, and has assisted clients across the healthcare spectrum with achieving successful multi-year NCQA accreditations.

Our highly-trained accreditation experts provide all the tools that you need to cut through the complexity of the accreditation process, ensuring that your accreditation is completed on-time and within budget.

Why gamble your organization’s accreditations?

Re-tasking staff pulls them from their important full-time duties and slows your organization’s progress. Elite Accreditation consultants work with the accreditation organizations all year, every year; understanding the updates and policy changes as they are implemented.

We have:

Dedicated experts with experience, Policies and Procedures, and Client Satisfaction 100%.  We are URAC Accreditation Consultants for Pharmacies!

Accreditation and Re-Accreditation

Elite Accreditation's clients have a 100% success rate in gaining the accreditation that their organization sought. Bring on our consultants to apply unique processes together with expert guidance to assist your organization in obtaining the desired accreditation.

Elite Accreditation consultants have the expertise to get your pharmacy fully accredited! 
Call us today @ 323-603-8333 

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