If you want to see the actual profit and loss statement of another facility, yet don't have a facility that will openly provide you this information as it is a direct compete with their own congregate facility, then we have the solution for you here.  This spreadhseet denotes the revenues and costs in the revenues generated all contained in this spreadsheet.  It even shows you the revenues and staffing matrix for the six bed facility at 100% occupancy with the staffing required and the hours generated.  This is a win for anyone thinking about opening up their own facility.  

Profit and Loss Statement of A Congregate Health Facility

  • By purchasing this product, you receive this in the thank you page of purchasing it.  It will be given to you then and to you in the format of a link that is good for 30 days.  Download it to your computer to have a longer period of time.  You own it, it is not to be shared among your friends.  They will need to purchase their own just like you did.  The license fee for this is included in the document.  The legal fee for sharing it with anyone not purchasing it is much much greater should you become liable and taken to court for such crime.  

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