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What you are getting for this package is very simple.  You are getting unlimited phone and email support in order for you to attain accreditation with the Joint Commission, AAAHC, IMQ, and AAAASF.  We provide you the tools necessary for you to implement and thus, pass the survey and become fully accredited.  This accreditaiton package works for all healthcare entities including HHA, Hospice, ASC, DME, Congregate Facilities, and LTC.  It provides you the policies you need to have in order to pass, the experienced consultants tools of auditing tools, and forms necessary to pass the survey.  Weekly meetings via video if need be, by email, by voice, any medium that works for you and your organization, the end result is you become accredited, and even Medicare Certified via Medicare Deem Status.  You cannot go wrong with this package.  Competitors charge as much as $15K for this same package.  If you need us to come in physicially and assist you, we can do this too.  A sure win:win for all involved.  

Accreditation For Dummies Get Consultants Help to make it the easiest for you.