Medicare's new home health Conditions of Participation go into effect in January 2018. There are multiple changes to the language of the condition regarding patient rights §484.50.   Instead of you worrying about these changes, download our version and implement it into your patient admission packets.  We have taken the sting out of this for you, all you need to do is to educate your staff.  Have staff inservice on these changes, document the training and get two credits in one sweep with the surveyors.


As a bonus, we are throwing into this purchase the new pain management form for patient teaching and training of non-medical pain management AND as an extra extra bonus, we are throwing in our diabetic|foot teaching form for staff.  These are two excellent references for added teaching and clinical asssessments for added reimbursements herein your services. Please copy and paste the url below into your browswer and visit it for a free preview of this E-Book!



2018 Patient Rights for Home Health Agencies and Home Care Businesses

  • All our forms are copyright protected and come to you in a PDF document.  We will honor your refund should you feel it is not what you were looking for in the document.  Thank you.  

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